E-Tendering system is mandatory in all goverment departments for procurement of Goods, Services, Works and Consultancy.

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1. RITES/BLR/OT/09/2017 Extension of Government Polytechnic Colleges at Au... RPO Bangalore WORKS
2. RITES GM NGP Khargone Civil Pkg VI T10 2017 Dated 03 03 2017 Construction of Road Over Bridges ROB including ap... RPO NAGPUR WORKS
3. 75/OT/R/CCL-Magadh/Civil & P Way/PKG-II/2017 Dated 23 03 2017 Earthwork in formation construction of bridges and... RPO KOLKATA WORKS
4. 74/OT/ CCL-Amrapali/Geo-Tech/2017 dated 23 03 17 Geotechnical Investigation in different location ... RPO KOLKATA WORKS
5. RITES/EXPO/08/INSURANCE/1612 Comprehensive Insurance Policy Open Cover / Specif... EXPO EXPOTECH Services