E-Tendering system is mandatory in all goverment departments for procurement of Goods, Services, Works and Consultancy.

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1. RITES/EXPO/SLR/2013/0042002170011865/Radiator Assembly Supply of Radiator Assembly EXPO EXPOTECH Goods
2. RITES/EXPO/RT560-00009/PROC/RMPU/1708/7 Design Supply Commissioning of Roof Mounted AC Pac... EXPO EXPOTECH Goods
3. RITES/EXPO/RT560-00009/PROC/COACH FURNISHING/1707/5 Interior Furnishing Turnkey of 78 DEMU Coaches EXPO EXPOTECH WORKS
4. RITES/HWD/GHYPWD/DPR/RT30000032andRT30000033/GT/ 2017/Vol2B dated 08/08/2017 Geotechnical and Material Investigations for const... TIH HIGHWAY Services
5. RITES/CO/RI/EE/RE WORKS/WCR/VJP-MKC/PMC Engagement of PMC for Railway Electrification of 2... RIE ELECTRICAL ENGG. Services